Master Key week 14

So excited about going into 2016 like I never have before. This is the first that I have strong belief in myself, faith in the process, love for others and actually feeling the harmony that has been the topic this week. Why is this so important?

Most of my life I have lived from crisis to crisis and had a poverty mindset.There was never enough and felt constant stress, worry and anxiety. When I became a single mom after a 2y year marriage ended, it escalated to living in fear. What I focused on grew and had many challenges.

Since I have been working MKMMA and I have learned some concepts, the dark clouds are fading away. When I look at my DMP , press release, accomplishments, my affirmations, all of the reasons to have gratitude, my attitude has done a 360. I wake up every day with a spring in my step. a smile on my face and realize that this is the first day of my new life and I will persist until I win.


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