Week 7 Negative thoughts Like a Country Song

Wow! Old blueprint coming in loud and clear.  I seem to have a pattern and I start to slack off in the readings and the sit around this time in the course. (this is my third time through this course) Life gets busier because everything is growing. Next to go is faith and courage, fear starts to creep in.  Then it is a like  an old country song that keeps repeating the same stuff over and over again without the happy ending.

Last Sunday we had an incident where a pot was left on too long and there was smoke. Lucky nobody was hurt, any longer it could have been catastrophic.  My battery on my iphone is being consumed, even when it is not being used, the kitchen sink had a leak. This morning after only 3 hours of sleep, I woke up to my car being stolen. Really…………??

My positive mental diet with no negative thoughts got restarted every few minutes this morning. I heard someone say that fatigue makes cowards of us all. So what did I do?  I phoned close friends and family members. I told everyone that would give me the time of day. Posted it on Facebook and the MKMMA. Purpose? Perhaps for people to feel sorry for me. Why would I want that? Negative attention is better that no attention perhaps. It can be lonely being in business. 

Also this way I get to live that over and over again. What we focus on grows.  Then I wonder why something else happened. What did I get from it? The same feelings that I am addicted too… You know being in crisis, having to figure things out and get through the process again. I have had 3 cars stolen in 5 years, went through 3 cars in one year. It has been my pattern. Why would I change it now? 

Right I am a new woman with a new life and I greet every day with love in my heart and have a definite major purpose to serve many people. Time to step up the process even when I want to hide under the covers and wish the world away….

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Week 6 Love is the Key to open all hearts

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I greet this day with love in my heart. What an amazing statement to embrace every day.

I find that I am more patient, forgiving, loving, adaptable and loyal.

Slower to frustration and anger. Finding ways to compliment and encourage others.

Most of all I love myself and I zealously inspect all things which enter my body, my mind

and and my heart. What does that mean? It is true that most of the time if we are not in

the physical shape that we would like to be, we focus on the outside.

Watching what we intake as well as output, not realizing that a big part is how we feel

about ourselves which is an inside job. I believe that if we are doing everything we can

feed our mind, our spirit and soul, that we will automatically make better choices of

how we treat our body.

Since understanding more about the brain and that we decide what we expose it to, I

am not able to watch the horror movies anymore as that is not something that I want as

an imprint especially before bed. I am much more of an observer and very aware of the

negativity that is in the world. I am finding ways to brighten other peoples days even

with a compliment and a smile.

I make love my greatest weapon and none of whom I call on can defend against its

force. Together we achieve miracles. 


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Week 5 Focus is Everything

It is interesting as I continue this process of self discovery, retraining my brain and learning to focus on what I want rather than what I do not want, I understand more as to why I was not getting the results I was hoping for.

All gain is a result of accumulative consciousness and all loss is a result of scattering consciousness. This was revolutionizing for me. Why? 

Being the supermom, working a couple of jobs, building a business. My hands in too many things and then I wonder why is this not happening the way I think it should. Add in the fact that I have triple A personality and possibly some ADD it is no wonder that I have not built a huge successful empire as of yet…..

Today I am fully focused on my business, head down, minimum daily contacts and I am going for it…. 

The challenge will be not having my own fears, insecurities and doubt creep in which people do not follow. Also when the cash flow is not coming in as fast or as much as I would need and like.

Fear starts to creep in replacing some of my Faith and then my panic steps in and my old blueprint starts to say, why don”t you look for another job?

What I understand is this I direct my subconscious mind and where it focuses. If I start to look on Craigslist or something like that. My subconscious mind says.. ” Oh we are looking for a job, okay let’s focus on that and the business suffers.

Business is the only way to work myself out of a job. Do the work once and get paid over again……….. 90 day all in…. Let’s do it!!

Living my life by a compass and the direction that I want to go. Add focus and I will get it done. 




Week 4 What is my dream life?

It is funny as children we had big dreams that had no limitations, 

A famous hockey player, becoming a princess, becoming wealthy. marrying your soulmate.

As we get older our dreams get smaller and since we can only achieve what we believe, our results follows. It is hard to believe that our subconscious does not know the difference in size once it accepts the idea it works 24 7 to make it happen. 

Once we understand that we have control over our mind and decide through our conscious mind what we put in it, we have complete control over our destiny. 

What do I want? When is the last time someone has asked you that? Do you know what you want?  What would your dream life look like? 

I had written my Defined Major Purpose last year and so when we needed to resubmit it, I used the last years last copy that I had done. I submitted. It had been sent back a few times and it did not resonate with me like it did last year. 

This morning I opened up word and wrote it up within an hour straight from the heart. 

Love how the possibilities open up and as I become open to them.


How to Stay Motivated After the Summer: 5 Ways to Avoid the Post-Holiday Blues

Here is my Dharma.

Confess to Obsess

Legacy and Liberty

I embrace every day with peace, health and happiness giving my gifts of love, hope, encouragement and service to every person I meet, unleashing the unlimited potential deep inside each of us to achieve our Defined Major purpose.

I feel very self- assured and confident at my prime, toned, optimal lean mean fat burning machine of 150 lbs on or before 06/01/18 as my son Kirk and I enjoy a breathtaking trip to Kaui  Hawaii and fulfilling one big Dream that I have. 

Very Elated, and proud as I am recognized as an Inspirational Coach and Motivational Speaker at the Primerica Convention on or before 07/15/22 for achieving complete ownership of my business and an ongoing passive and residual income of $300,000 per year creating a Legacy of Freedom and Ownership for my family. 

The impact that I have made on thousands of families assisting them in achieving additional income of $500-$100,000 per month of income is thrilling and brings up tears of joy and gratitude.

Waking up every day in the paradise  that my love and I created together is a very harmonious lifestyle and I feel so relaxed and content.  Overlooking the lake while we enjoy our coffee outside on our private balcony and establish our day is so exhilarating realizing that we have complete control over it. Our 4 bedroom rancher, private office, Large Living room with a fireplace, huge master bedroom with an en-suite is where I am thrilled to be able to spend most of our time.

Shall we go rent a houseboat on the Shuswap? What about renting a Condo in Whistler for the weekend and inviting our family? Considering the fact that I have achieved $500,000 of passive and residual income through my business, and also have 1 million of net worth on or before 04/30/27, the world of possibilities is open for us and our amazing family and future.

I have realized all of my dreams as I am willing to sacrifice my comfort zone, do daily disciplines to grow my mind and skill set, to focus on business and income generating activities, give up some family and leisure time to achieve my Dharma.


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Week 3 Faith or Fear?

This week has been a bit more challenging for me as I attempt to change my blueprint and focus on what is positive and good rather than negative and frustrating.

I had a major shift recently where a source of income that was quite substantial and I could count on every month has disappeared so my income comes in strictly from my business. 

Keep in mind I am a single mom living in Vancouver, no other sources other than I provide home share and my rent is paid. Everything else depends on my ability to create, build and make money. 

Two ways to react to that. 

Yay! Finally I get to 100 percent focus on growing my business, with no distractions. Let’s do it and build it big and make a ton of money! (FAITH)


OMG what is this going to look like? Will I make enough money? Do I need to find another part time job? (Reverting back to what I used to do in a crunch)  (FEAR)

I would love to say that I was all over the first option, the reality is I have been living on the fear side rather than faith. What also happened is that I was somewhat immobilized and not in an emotional position to make the calls.

Why is this important?

When fear is effectually and completely destroyed your light will shine, the clouds will disperse and you will have found the source of power, energy and life………..

I learned this from last year. When faith replaces fear the clouds disappear….. 

I want to be the source of light, love and hope and have people be comforted by my presence alone. This is about serving people and while I am focused on my challenges, I bring more challenges, and I am not serving anyone including myself.

I promise to continue to work on building my faith and destroying fear, through the readings, the sits and the mastermind. I also promise to pick up the phone and keep the main thing, the main thing. I always keep my promises………….




Week 2 Becoming a slave to good habits

Wow, so grateful to be back in a Master Key Master Mind alliance. As I have learned to achieve anything huge, you must have 4 things in place,  a definite major purpose, a written plan of action, a positive mental attitude and a mastermind alliance.

Some things that are landing with me this week.

I  appreciate more how important it is to continue the same good habits every day so that the subconscious mind takes over and I no longer have to think about it. It becomes automatic.  I also understand how I can utilize my conscious mind to impress upon my subconscious mind and that once it accepts the idea it works 24 7 to make it happen.

How exciting is that? 

I also understand that all gain is the result of accumulative consciousness and all loss is a result of scattering consciousness. Again another law of the mind what we focus on grows. 

Now comes the work,


Good habits are the key to all success. I have surrendered my free will to the years of accumulated habits and the past deeds of my life have already marked out a path which threatens to imprison my future. 

My experience in the MKMMA in the past, was I unable to follow through on some habits that we were attempting to form.

At night time, keeping that last hour without any distractions such as televisions, emails, internet to focus on myself…..Attempting to read at night last year, I kept falling asleep as I was reading and eventually I did not even attempt to reading at night time and it became my habit. 

I have to remember the same as put that coffee down! Turn that TV off. They are for closers.

The lunch read I did not always have my book, so sometimes it would get skipped.

This year, I have my book with me always, I am walking around to do my read at night and I notice my brain giving me answers at 5 am. It works. Wow. 

Every year, I am more disciplined, focused, determined and the results are unbelievable!

For anyone new to this program, 2 years ago I had 2 jobs, a business and I struggled financially, and where I lived was not a place I was proud of.

Today I am fully focused on my business, both jobs are no longer and I live in a beautiful house that I love in Burnaby BC. My son and I went on a Mexican Riviera cruise with the crew at Go 90 grow and we are going to the Master Key live retreat June of 2018. Am I where I want to be at this point? No, thank God I am not where I was………

Master Key Week 1 Round 3 Do It Now!

If I have ever wondered as to whether doing the Master Key Master Mind Experience again is a good idea, this is all I need to think of.

What does this focus on?

Change my mind, change my habits, change my life.

Do it now!

Has self doubt ever held me back from picking up the phone

Believe in my success now!

Have my old habits of watching too much television seeped back into my lifestyle?

Change it now!

What is my minimum dials that I make every day to grow my business?

Plan my work and work my plan!

What do I want to achieve in my personal and business life?

Decide it now!

Today I begin a new life.