Letting Go and Embracing Change

It has been awhile since I wrote in my blog and so many things have changed in my life once I was able to let go,

Have you heard the saying that sometimes God will do for you what you can not do for yourself?

I have known for a while that my part time union job was holding me back. I was not able to attend all business events that I would like, I found myself trying to get the through the day ( wasting time)  and not really present for the clients. I have a business convention coming up in June and requested 2 days off without pay and they denied me. I have already bought my tickets and when I checked with a shop steward about what would happen if I did not show up, she said it could be an abandonment of post and they could let me go even though I was no letters or warnings on my file.

Again God did what I have been thinking about doing, I gave my three week notice to request to go back to a casual position and then I can be available if I want to. My plan is to go on a 90 day run in my business starting July 1st Canada Day, I declare Freedom and Independence.

My home front has changed as well. Since it is very expensive to live in Vancouver and I am a single income I was providing home share for a young individual who was more than challenging. I worked with this person for over 8 months with very little support unless it became a crisis. I finally gave my 3 month notice and when it was close to the time, I got scared. What if I do not find someone else?  Maybe I can work with him, the summer is coming, he will be out more. Every way to validate not letting go. When I attempted to rescind my resignation, they denied me saying that they needed someone who can supply more support.  The day he moved out it was like a huge weight was lifted and I felt very excited about the future. It turned out that the placement lasted less than a day with this new stable couple saying that he was too unstable to support.  They asked me to take him back, I said no. I feel back for this individual however I have to do what is right for my family. As it turns out I have a new contract with someone that is very independent, is female and closer to my age.

When one door closes, another one opens, but you have to close the damn door.



Self Directed or Sabotage?

As we get near the end of our coaching through the amazing Master Key Mastermind Experience and the opportunity to be Self Directed, my concern is my pattern (old blueprint) is to start to let go of what has assisted me in getting here. Our Coaches have encouraged us to do daily disciplines,: readings, writings blogs, visual, and auditory learning,  being part of a mastermind group and doing daily sits. At the end of April which is my 50th birthday, officially we will not have that daily coaching and it is now our opportunity to take everything that we have learned and continue to work them and be self directed.

What I find is as I grow, learn, build my belief, my mindset, my attitude and gratitude improve. I am excited about every day and the right people show up in my life. This of course grows my business so my focus starts to waver (my personality type) to learning the skills to excel in my business and I start to let go of what got me here in the first place due to time constraints and thinking I got this! What also happens is I miss out on the best part which is masterminding with people who have the same outlook on life, who share their ideas and building that community of like minded individuals. Last year because I missed the webinar I also missed out on the lifetime membership. This is the first blog that I have done in a couple of weeks, that is not self directed.

So as always decision time, nothing changes unless I change. I am recommitting to the daily disciplines which change everything, knowing that the next 10 years of my life is going to be a decade of love, hope, abundance, gratitude, health, and happiness. The best years of my life. Thank you, thank you and thank you. So grateful to still be here willing to grow, learn and change.


I create the blueprint to build my Legacy.

Understanding how to focus and concentrate intently on certain ideals and feel the emotions that are associated with that clear picture, I realize again how I create my own reality. That I am Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent, which as I understand it means  that I have unlimited power, know everything, and present everywhere.

In my past there have been many times that I have felt completely powerless over people, places and things. This also determined why I had felt like I had a black cloud following me like the character in Charlie Brown. Doom was destined to find me as I was expecting it. The law of growth, what we focus on grows. Guilt and Worry two useless emotions and I spent a lot of time and energy on both.

This program has taught me how to take the time to ask myself questions. What is my Defined Major Purpose? What are my specialized skills? How do I serve others in my own special way? How do I create multiple sources of income streams? How many times can I get paid for the same time? How do I utilize leverage? How can I be more kind? What sacred gifts does this person I am speaking to possess? How can I make them feel special?

What an amazing way to invest every day. Love the life I live today as I grow, learn and self development. This is a self development process with high compensation attached. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Procrastination,the killer of dreams.

When I was married my husband used to say if you could put it off until tomorrow it did not need doing that bad in the first place. Used to drive me insane, it really meant if he waits long enough I will eventually do it…… Hence one of the reasons that we are no longer married.

Now when I know that I should do something now, then I do not, I get angry at myself, feel bad and then continue to not do it.When I am exhausted or overwhelmed I do activities so that I do not have to think. I watched an hour of news today, the complete opposite of everything that I should be doing. As I continue that process of feeling bad about what I am not doing I go back to what is comfortable that will make me uncomfortable. Pretty sure that is the cycle of abuse. The worst thing about it, it is self inflicted. The second worst thing about it is when you start it is hard to stop. The old blueprint is working hard to keep me where I am and the internal chatter I have while I work towards my future self and my Dharma is exhausting.

I know that to court idleness is to steal food, clothing and warmth from those I love. I am not a thief . (Og Mandino) I am a woman of love and today is my last chance to prove my love and greatness.

Master Key Kindness and Persaverence

I love the law of growth. What you focus on grows, so if I am determined to become more adept at something I look for it everywhere. Focusing on kindness and being more kind has been amazing. Since our Master Mind posted it every day we could see the difference we were making in our family and our community. This week is focused on being well organized and looking for it everywhere.

The unlimited resources that is within to serve and create a positive impact is unfathomable. Believe and we can achieve. This takes focus and internal work. Glad that I have a great work ethic that I can utilize for my benefit. Self development is the best return on investment that I can ever make. I love being in business and assisting others to get what they want. We were not meant to be on earth and play it small. We were meant to find our sacred gift, serve others and give more and you will get more.

Since I am in business and continue to grow and learn the skills I relate so much to this following video and find other peoples opinions hilarious.

I also lead a meet up group called A Better Way. Here is the link to that. https://www.meetup.com/A-Better-Way-Network-Marketing/events/236667564/







Master Key Week 15 Franklin Makeover

I feel very grateful to be part of this amazing journey. I have a specific plan for a personality makeover. When I put this on face book, I had several people tell me that they liked my personality which was great to hear of course. Of the attributes it sounds as though I might have the pleasing personality part in place. The other thing that I observed is as I go through my index cards of accomplishments and reasons to be grateful.  I noticed that I have a lot of the virtues as well. I acknowledged courage, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination, and taking initiative.

When I had to choose an attribute that we would most like to grow, I chose self control. I did notice a pattern, first couple of days I am all over it. By Thursday,  not so much. This happens a lot in my activity, any diet, strength at the beginning and then losing my mojo. Is that a lack of self control?  Then I look at discipline, or organization and wonder should those be the ones that I chose?  Then I realize how quick I can go down the road of negativity and that is not something that I wish to grow.

What I am feeling is more belief in myself, more gratitude to this amazing life. This has increased my enthusiasm, and activity in my business and getting great results. Very excited about 2017, especially since my son and I just registered for the go 90 grow cruise in Mexico. This is going to be the best year ever!



Master Key week 15 New year for a New Me :A Total Personality Makeover

As I brought in the New Year I reflected on how far I have come in my journey of self discovery and understanding my Defined Major Purpose. Realizing that I have everything already within me to achieve anything my heart desires and going into 2017 with a Faith that I never had before. Knowing that I am natures greatest miracle and embracing my differences gives me the courage to share and let my light shine.

I have attempted many new years resolutions with great intentions and a lot of will power. The results were always the same after a few weeks the excitement starts to wane, I make mistakes, beat myself up for not being perfect and then go back to the same behaviors.

The idea that we utilize one of the laws of the mind, the law of growth, to grow our attributes is amazing. The fact that every day, we add to our gratitude list, focus on our accomplishments and grow attributes, no wonder we have a spring in our steps and are happy campers.

2017 is life changing and super excited about the changes from within. I have not been perfect with my daily disciplines over the holidays, however it is like my gym. I always return with bells on and a goal in mind. Happy New Year everyone!