Week 22 The metamorphosis is complete

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I am so grateful to having had an opportunity to have a sit of silence for 3 days to discover the world within and finalize the new blueprint that I have been building on for the past couple of years. I am finally at peace with my past, I am embracing the gift of the present with hope and unwavering faith of a future with love, prosperity and health.

As I became a single parent in 2003 and I was working several jobs , I felt frustrated, full of stress and felt like my life was passing me by. I spent a lot of time running from crisis to crisis and went from middle class to poverty overnight, watching my good job at the phone company be downsized and outsourced. Fear was prevalent in my life every day.

I entered into the business world in 2006 out of sheer desperation and became part of the wealthiest industry on the planet, with super high achievers where I compared, competed, and copied and always fell up short.I also knew that I did not come from an affluent family, with high education or a relationship of 27 years with a man that was supportive, encouraging or inspiring so my self-confidence was at an all time low, self- loathing at an all time high.  How could I possibly compete in an environment like that? I originally thought I just have to find people who are better than me which I thought would be easy as I thought that everyone was better than me. I have come to realize that you attract who you are so if I wanted to attract better I needed to be better.

So what did I do? I searched, I continued to learn my craft. I plugged into webinars and showed up for all of the training that I was able to. I went to as many conventions and fast start schools that I could manage. I took self development courses, more than most,  I took the Business Mastery Course  with Colin Sprake several times, I took Own your Greatness,  I took Millionaire Mindsets several times so that I could create a new relationship with money,  I took the Master Key Mastermind Alliance and Grow 90 grow and Think and Grow Rich with Mark J and the fabulous Davene. I went on a Go 90 grow Cruise in Mexico with my son to learn the skills I needed to be successful. Since I was not making the money I needed to, I got other jobs. I worked with people with multiple barriers, cleaned houses and even worked as a designated driver. Most people would have quit. Most people did quit. I did what most people will not do, I stayed, and I grew. I created a new blue print with no limitations.

My son and I are going to Hawaii for a Master Key experience in June of 2018 which is a dream come true.  I have had the most profitable 10 days in this business before taking a 3 day sit of silence as I continue this process of self- development. I live in a house that I love with my own private office. The best investment you can make is in yourself. Luckily I have tenacity, perseverance, a work ethic and determination to pursue my dream to build a Legacy of Freedom and Ownership for my family.

I have heard over and over that the salesperson brings the only objections to the table, I understand now that people were slow to believe in me as I was slow to believe in myself. Those days are gone and I have an unwavering belief in myself, my skills, my heart and passion to serve others and assist them to create a new blueprint and achieve their Dharma.

The best is yet to come and I am so grateful that I survived long enough to thrive!

The metamorphosis is complete and the butterfly emerges from her cocoon.




Week 12 Let go and let God in

As I look at the many great things that are happening in my life it all has to do with finally letting go of what is not working for me, with the faith that God has a much better plan. 

I was in the same relationship for over 27 years, the last 10 were not good years, yet I hung on to what was not working for me as I was full of fear to be alone or that someone would not love me like that again. I was so focused on my husband and my family that I never got a chance to find out who I was. 

The relationship that I got once I let that one go is an amazing one with myself and my God. I had no idea of who I was, what I wanted, what I loved to do, never mind an actual defined major purpose for my life on this planet. This past 10 years has been a journey of self discovery. 

I was at the same good job for over 20 years, good benefits, pension, first 10 years I loved it. We became TELUS, the future was not friendly and they started downsizing, outsourcing,  early retirement, the writing was on the wall. I started looking elsewhere and became open to business. Now I am building a business in the most profitable industry in the world with an amazing company who serves people in such a significant way and has the most 6 and 7 figure earners of any other company. How amazing is that?  I am building my own company within a company and do not work a job anymore. Once I was able to let go, God has a plan. 

I lived at my previous house in Burnaby for over 10 years and paid the entire rent for a 5 bedroom house and rented out the basement. It was $1685 a month, and I rented the basement for $900 so it cost me under $700 per month for the top floor of the house which has 3 bedrooms and a full garage. Awesome. Except the landlords did not treat me well, the floors were coming up, the cupboards were falling off and if I mentioned it to the landlord, he would say if you do not like it move. It was suggested by many people to move. Where was my question?  I was already struggling to pay the rent and the cost was going through the roof in Vancouver BC. The decision was made by the landlords who decided to move in and gave us 2 months notice. The same semantics of a 5 bedroom house in the same area was over $1000 more per month than I was paying.  All I can say is that I was full of fear. Since my focus is now to create passive and residual income, I decided to take my skill set as a caregiver and apply to provide home share. At this time I have a lovely young lady that I provide home share for and it actually covers my portion of the rent and she is very independent. Also our new house is gorgeous, it has a huge back yard, balcony, chef’s kitchen, a private office and I love it.  The rent for this whole house is $2700 per month. Not only that at the time we were given a free months rent and since the landlords did not actually move in, we were awarded 2 full months rent through the residential tenancy branch. 

The hardest part of change is the transition, it is the in between stage, being in the process of, once you get through though the light is bright on the other side. I certainly have learned in my process of self discovery, that when faith replaces fear, the clouds disappear. 

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Week 11 Love and Service

Give more, get more, the law of giving. I know that when I am focused on serving others and how I can help them, the responses I receive are so much more authentic and they want to move forward. I remember hearing that clients do not care about how much you know, until they know how much you care. Sometimes even though I am committed to doing the right thing, my head and heart do not connect at the time. I am so busy thinking about what to say next, I am not fully present or listening properly.  I know what to say, I have learned and practiced overcoming objections, my presentation, how to move people forward to the transaction. Even when I practice in the mirror, I see myself searching for the words instead of being present. The biggest gift I could give to myself is what I am doing now with the MKMMA, connecting my head and my heart so that I can be present and really serve the people that I care so much about.

Today I give of myself to others without any expectation of reciprocity. 


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Week 10 Change or not to Change?

The old blueprint is very comfortable even if it is not taking me where I want to go. It is familiar, I know what to expect, it is comfortable It is kind of like an older dress or jogging pants that has holes or stains in it, I should throw it out however it has been part of my life for years and it can be hard to let go. Fear is the biggest emotion that destroys anything good. Many fears have been talked about, what about fear of success?

What could it look like if I achieved everything I desired? Years ago when my husband and I were together, he used to talk about winning the lottery. I used to say, that I would not want that. Why? Partly because of the pressure, as I used to have a hard time saying no, people would be showing up at my door, I would have to decide who to give to, again in my mind a lot of stress. (Thank God I have changed from the doormat that I used to be)

Fast forward to living in Vancouver BC on a single income with a high school diploma and not having enough money to provide properly for my 2 sons. I felt frustrated, working 2 or 3 jobs, watching my life pass me by. This is why I looked at business, a way to leverage my time, multiple sources of income, do the work once and get paid over and over again.….

So why am I not more successful than I am? I am licensed, I show up to all of the meetings, I work on building my belief system, I take self development courses, I am constantly working on learning the skills, I invest in my self with time and money when nobody is watching. I believe it is fear of success…… 

Everyone wants a better life. More love, health and abundance. As soon as I start achieving momentum, leverage, a great cash flow, I take my foot off of the gas pedal…… Sabotage maybe? What am I afraid of? In my business I am about building people, Luckily I like most people and believe they are generally wanting to do the right thing. Is it the pressure of being a Leader, people calling me and expecting me to know things that I might not know, am I afraid that by sharing this opportunity with someones friend that they will no longer be friends? Is it easier to be anonymous in the audience than speaking as an amazing Leader recognized on stage? Yes but at what price? Everything that is good………

What could it look like if I achieved everything on my Defined Major Purpose? Visualizing my reality as a service to others…..

My parents and my sons are proud of me. I am in a position to serve many people to get access to Government Grants, bonds, benefits. as well as to the best financial minds in the Industry. I save people thousands of dollars over time as well as the ability to make millions if they choose. I assist thousands of people to transition out of their jobs to business and build financial freedom for their family. I provide the cure to the biggest cancer which is the financial one. I properly provide for my sons future as well as my retirement. am there for my family and friends whether it is time or money that they need. I travel the world at my leisure, and give to the food bank which is a charity close to my heart. am an inspirational speaker, coach, and author making over $300,000 per year and have complete ownership, creating a Legacy of Liberty. I would never have to borrow money every again or look at a boss and say yes ma am. I could look at the girl in the glass and say I am proud of you, you got this! 

Now I am finding ways to utilize the laws of the mind to change my belief system so that I can achieve everything I wish. The law of growth is one that I am seeking to understand. What we focus on grows, what we think about we bring about, we are where we are today because of what we thought about previously. This can be a challenge to accept especially if we are not where we want to be. We can not expect to think about negative things 90 percent of the time and expect to have a positive result. We have a bias to think negatively so I am focused on my positive mental diet and continuing to work on affirmations, gratitude and changing my belief system and building my confidence. 


FEAR Go Away, Faith instead!


Love to everyone.


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Week 9 Why am I here?

What is my purpose? What am I supposed to do with the sacred gifts that I have been blessed with to serve the mass of people?  As I continue the process of self discovery and determining what my defined major purpose is I realize it is a journey, not a destination. It will continue to evolve as I evolve. It will have no limitations as I continue to expel all limitations. These gifts are apparent to us when we are giving them away. We feel on purpose, our body vibrates with anticipation, we are excited, and we excel at it. So how do I continue to grow this vision? 

I will continue to visualize it, make it clear and specific. I feel the energy and excitement as if I have already achieved it, I become intimate with my future self and have conversations, spending time every day utilizing the law of growth.  Spending quality time with myself in the quiet recess of my own mind. Reading it aloud a couple of times a day, recording it on an audio, doing everything I can to impress upon my subconscious mind this reality so that it works 24 7 to make it happen.


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Week 8 Authentic Self

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I would like to say that I am being self directed by not blogging for the last couple of weeks. The truth is I have not been keeping my promises.  I keep saying today it is going to be different, I am going to do the daily disciplines that I know stretch and influence my subconscious mind and focused on the success that I know is within me.

I do not always chose what is good for me. Why do human beings know what is good for them and then do the complete opposite? Why do I take 2 steps forward and then 1 back? Sometimes I even run backwards with fear of this unknown, unlimited future. 

Our old blueprints want to keep us safe in our comfort zone. The brain is doing its job by keeping us safe and doing what is familiar. 

I feel there is a battle within me every day as I seek to understand my authentic self and continue moving forwards to become intimate with my future self. 


I had an epiphany as I was speaking to my youngest son. We were having a discussion about making money on line and he said. “I am with you mom, you can make money online.” We made a bet that whoever made $1000 per month of residual income for 6 months in a row first would take the other one out of dinner at Montana’s.

He then asked me to practice my presentation. He said “Mom, I can see that you know the words, that you know this stuff, however it does not feel like it is coming from you.

You come across like you do not care.” BAM! 

I was so focused on learning the scripts,  that I am not present or actually listening to who I am working with. Who would move forward with someone if they do not feel like they are being heard? 

This was a huge eye opener as I have a huge heart to help others.

Another epiphany as I had a discussion with my older son who is great at sales. We talked about memorize, internalize and personalizing presentations. He asked me what it meant? Memorize (know the script) , internalize ( know the hows and whys and the script backwards and forwards) when I said that personalize was to bring my personality and my own ways of doing things into the discussion.

He reminded me that personalize was to customize the presentation to  the person that I am speaking to. BAM! 

Who is going to move forward with someone who is more concerned about being pleasant, friendly and what others think rather than finding out and clarifying what is important to them? 

You know what is the best about all of this self development, persistence, and growth?

This is something that I get to discuss with my sons as we learn and grow together. 

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Week 7 Negative thoughts Like a Country Song

Wow! Old blueprint coming in loud and clear.  I seem to have a pattern and I start to slack off in the readings and the sit around this time in the course. (this is my third time through this course) Life gets busier because everything is growing. Next to go is faith and courage, fear starts to creep in.  Then it is a like  an old country song that keeps repeating the same stuff over and over again without the happy ending.

Last Sunday we had an incident where a pot was left on too long and there was smoke. Lucky nobody was hurt, any longer it could have been catastrophic.  My battery on my iphone is being consumed, even when it is not being used, the kitchen sink had a leak. This morning after only 3 hours of sleep, I woke up to my car being stolen. Really…………??

My positive mental diet with no negative thoughts got restarted every few minutes this morning. I heard someone say that fatigue makes cowards of us all. So what did I do?  I phoned close friends and family members. I told everyone that would give me the time of day. Posted it on Facebook and the MKMMA. Purpose? Perhaps for people to feel sorry for me. Why would I want that? Negative attention is better that no attention perhaps. It can be lonely being in business. 

Also this way I get to live that over and over again. What we focus on grows.  Then I wonder why something else happened. What did I get from it? The same feelings that I am addicted too… You know being in crisis, having to figure things out and get through the process again. I have had 3 cars stolen in 5 years, went through 3 cars in one year. It has been my pattern. Why would I change it now? 

Right I am a new woman with a new life and I greet every day with love in my heart and have a definite major purpose to serve many people. Time to step up the process even when I want to hide under the covers and wish the world away….

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